Monday, December 17, 2012

Letter To Apple

I purchased the iPhone 5 just days after the release, after having a Droid Razr because i noticed the demands of the iPhone 5 was very high and wanted to see what all the talks were about.By having a android i was so more interested in the Samsung galaxy s3 first because it wouldn't be hard to find and study's showed that it was a great phone.Now its December 17 the iPhone 5 is  3 months old, by the first week of having the iPhone 5 i was very happy with the hardware and the luxury style of the phone also the great retina display of videos, vibrant pictures i can take and the lightning connector fast charging.As far as features of IOS 6 were not so much different then IOS 5 from the previous iPhone.When you look at Jelly Bean for android devices and IOS 6  its like night and day the features are like a couple steps ahead of IOS.I would really like for Apple to make allot of step of making IOS6 better its hard to tell people that the iPhone 5 is the best phone when the software is no different then the last model  and the competitors as for Samsung galaxy s3 can run two apps at the same time.

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